Baptisms & Confirmation


Baptisms are an integral part of our church life and all enquiries are welcomed. We like to have Baptisms as part of our Sunday services at 8.30am or can arrange aprivate service. To book or make further enquiries please contact the Parish Office.

Any one who has been baptised into the Anglican Church and wishes to confirm their faith and commitment to God is encouraged to attend. We also hold a Baptism Bears reunion service for those recently baptised at St John's.



We have services approx every year depending on numbers.Children are aged around 12 years old and attend classes for a approx six weeks prior to the confirmation service. The Bishop presides at the confirmation service with Prayer for strengthening in the power of the Holy Spirit, Laying on of hands by the bishop, Signing with the sign of the cross with Chrism oil, Prayerful support of the church, the first reception of bread and wine at the Eucharist.

Please contact the Parish Office for details about the next Confirmation service.


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